Some fun after the shift

Finally, it was the end of my shift. I went to the back of the kitchen to give the dishwasher the last bus tub full of dirty dishes. As I was clocking out Alice came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist sliding her hand toward my dick. “I’ve been watching you tonight.”, she whispered in my ear. “I’ve been watching you too.”, I said. Alice clocked out and followed me to my car. It was very dark in the corner of the parking lot where I was parked.

Alice unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. She took of her shirt and short shorts. She hadn’t been wearing panties. She opened my passenger door and motioned for me to sit down. My dick was getting harder and harder as I realized that I was closer than ever to having sex with Alice. She straddled me so that her tits were in my face. I squeezed her tits and sucked her nipples as her hungry pussy swallowed my dick. She moved slowly at first grinding her clit on me. I moved my hands down to her ass squeezing it and enjoying every minute of having sex with Alice. She was getting so wet. She moaned as she moved her hips faster. As she went faster and faster I thrust up hard into her as we both climaxed.